Lets go

you are an agent with a mission

Objective: To live life as fully & as true to yourself as possible, while continually becoming a better human.

There will be obstacles, change, downfalls, scary things and surprises good and bad that will come your way.  Do not deter, these are all meant to be skillfully maneuvered through to aid your growth towards the stronger, smarter, more refined (dare we say, ‘badass’) version of who you’re ultimately meant to become.

Goal: to die with no regrets

Upon reaching an old and feeble age you are to be glowing inside; feeling proud and a heart swelling with fulfillment, saying “Hell yeah, I did it ALL while I could.  I lived my life!”.
[Note: This is meant to be experienced even if the mission abruptly ends before old age and feebleness is achieved.]

Obstacles: the way you see yourself & the world

Self doubt.   Lack of clarity.  Giving into emotions and reacting mindlessly.  Wanting to control people and things.  Blaming and not taking responsibility for your experience.  Seeking perfection.  Believing that following your bliss should be easy.

Strategy: live with mad skills

Always be willing to figure out a better way.

Define success daily by the energy, productiveness, and the good that you bring.

Continually grow into more of who you need to be, in order do what you need to do.

You always have the last say about how you choose to feel about yourself.

Develop mad skills for slick maneuvering through life.