Things I could live without

I don’t need my amazing boyfriend. 
He’s one of the most wonderful people I know and I am so grateful for him, but he is not necessary for my survival.  Romantic love comes and goes and if it comes down to it, it will be fruitless to try to preserve something that has outlived it’s nutrition and has become stale or sour…I won’t wait until it turns rotten and makes me ill.  My ultimate goal is to have 100% untainted love, no added chemicals of jealousy, fear, dependence, or anger.  I will love him as a human being and not something that I am relying upon to keep me happy.  I will love with all I’ve got, I will play no games, I won’t attempt to change or manipulate him to suit my self-induced needs.   I want his happiness as much as my own…I’ve reached a level like that before and I will continue to open my heart and mind in all situations.  I do not believe in forever — if it happens it happens.  I believe in sustaining a state of true love and happiness, no matter what happens.

I don’t need my amazing family or friends.
I love them so much but I know that should something tragic occur, they would never want me to drag myself through the mud and mourn so heavily that I would be unable to resume a healthy life.  I would never want them to suffer like that on my behalf — if I’m gone, I’m gone!  Yes, please miss me and do feel sad but don’t mourn for me…remember the good times.  Laugh at my funeral, it’s a celebration of life!  Don’t be all formal and stoic, and I would prefer it not be in a church, maybe somewhere outside with lanterns on strings and champagne and party-wear… I want everyone to be happy and have a good time and talk about how wonderful and talented and smart I was (hence the laughter).   But I digress!
Knowing about these people I care so much about, they would want me to pay tribute to them in the same way, mentally at least.
Even if I “lose” them due to disagreement or distance, I won’t lose them in my heart.   While I love them, I don’t need them for approval or acceptance or agreement…we’re all worthy of our own opinions and why try to change that?  I want them to do their thing and I’ll do mine.

I don’t need this lifestyle.
Everything is wonderful right now, but it has previously been wonderful before in different places with different people.  Things will inevitably change and I will happily go along with it.  Whether I’m living in a run down apartment next year or a house in the hills, there are awesome things to be had and discovered.  Everything happens for a reason, if I let it teach me.
Beauty and luxury is all about how I perceive it.  This little house surrounded in green is beautiful to me but I’ve found such comfort in less, and each time I’ve had something I’ve perceived to be a luxury it tended to be more of a mental worry and negated part of the joy of having it.

I don’t need anything.
I don’t need anything to be a certain way for my happiness, it’s all what goes on within, and how I adapt to change.
I have power over all of this, and when I view these amazing things in my life as blessings rather than necessities, it makes the enjoyment so much sweeter, and I appreciate the present moment more than ever.

All I truly ever need is a clear and peaceful mind and warm heart.
I believe in expecting nothing, and finding joy in everything.

Knowing I could live without these things is far from being cynical.  This is about being realistic, never arguing with reality, and loving what is.  I will get by and thrive, no matter what happens.  I “need” nothing.  If I think I’m lacking, it’s all in my head.

The happier I am, the more apt I will be at being a welcomed addition to the world of others, and more able to help and provide smiles.

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