7 billion interesting things


I often wonder how many new ideas, thoughts, and adventures I would have if I sought out to learn something new from one person everyday.

Not so much just opinions and beliefs as much as passions, lifestyles, and lessons learned.

People often think that because I call myself a monk of life, I’ve got it all figured out; that I’m set in my beliefs and have a structured set of interests.  The fact is actually the opposite — I seek to be open, constantly learning from everything and everyone I encounter.  Always  learning from life and everyone and everything in it.  That’s the true meaning of the mission.

Everyone is a teacher, everyone is an expert about something no matter how important or insignificant they may think it to be.  And while everyone’s been stuck in a monotonous one-sided conversation with a person who is oblivious to the boredom they’ve created, I feel that much more interesting things are to be found beneath the surface.

For example, the world of sports and the stock market are just random names and numbers that I have  little interest in wrapping my mind around.   But I enjoy the energy of a crowded bar during televised games, as well as the fire it brings to fans during otherwise mundane months. It’s a culture.

I would be excited to learn from someone who is in tune with the mindset and emotions that drive their passion and how and why it has affected the way it does.   I believe I would personally be able to understand and enjoy it a lot more than just hearing rambling about teams and scores.

The truth is everyone is so different yet similar in that we seek things that keep life going and try to avoid and learn from suffering.  Everyone just deals with it in an endless variety of ways, and they are all so important because they give me insight to the way I approach my own life.

Another major thing is that biases can develop when there is little to no understanding.  Labels of “right”, “wrong”, and similar start to develop because of personal ideas that things should be a certain way, which is ridiculous.

We are all our own selves and the way a person works is a truly unique formula.

While best-selling authors and guru-types have a lot of great concepts to teach, I’ve always been interested in the everyday imperfect and real people who do not write books or give speeches, and what they could teach me about a new perspective on life.

There are real thinking and breathing people beneath the bodies and faces I see everyday, and I know it’s difficult and probably nosy to prompt strangers with questions that go deeper than small-talk.  But I know there are those who would be excited to have a chance.

Life would not be life without including the billions of others who are alive with me.  We are all on this journey together experiences billions of different things all over the world.

I find that to be a very exciting prospect.

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