The best place for a life monk


What’s the best place for a monk whose monastery is the world?

At the moment I am residing in Hollywood, California and loving it.

I recently realized the irony of seeking inner balance and peace in a city that is notoriously chaotic, over-dramatic, and ridiculous, but then I realized it was necessary.

Putting myself into situations that force me to adapt and relearn life as I’ve known it are like accelerated courses for life. In order to grow, new territory must be presented and new adversities endured; so the best place to be a life monk is not necessarily a quiet sanctuary in the mountains where nothing irksome ever happens. Ultra-peaceful environments are wonderful places to experience for a limited time, but it’s the imperfections and trials of a normal hectic life that are catalysts for true growth.

Finding peace and balance is easy while in a familiar and comfortable place. Finding the same in the middle of a gaudy chaotic city is a different story. If I am able to do the later I’ll be better skilled to hold that strength almost anywhere.

At the present moment, I finally feel fulfilled – I’m in a place that is different and makes me feel interested and alive…for now. I believe that in the process of finding myself I need to lose myself in new thought patterns and experiences, and to simply watch what emerges.

It’s healthy to be around people with varying priorities, interests, energies, and walks of life. Although I may not identify and agree with all of them, it is good to know and acknowledge that they are there. Being forced to look into the face of new lifestyles and ideas can often teach me unexpected things.

I am learning to better process stress, anger, and fear and to use them as fuel towards resiliency, regrowth, and reinvention.

Remember to not be open and so serious.

I’ve always been very inspired by others who live full and crazy lives yet seem to always keep a sense of balance and peace within themselves. In contrast, there are many who try so hard to maintain a balanced life on the outside, yet are too fearful to look at their chaotic innards, and then they wonder why they’re still secretly unhappy.

“I think what you need is to keep living your chaotic life yet finding balance inside, like being the eye of the hurricane.” I found myself writing to the adventurous woman whom I’ve been mentoring the past few months. I realized I needed to hear it more than ever as well. I think it may be the secret to life.

We are all on our own personal journeys and it’s essential to recognize when it’s time to seek out new frontiers and broaden the proverbial horizon, even if it’s just for a visit.

Heart Peace Sign Mini

I am very excited for new escapades to be had! In a few weeks I will be flying to Japan and then Hawaii, (both exotic yet vastly different island chains) at which I will hopefully discover new experiences and exciting philosophies to learn and share.

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