Life Warrior Mindset

How can the world be expected to be anything?  It is random, chaotic, surprising, contradictory, wonderful, horrible, all at the same time — kind of like people.

I’ve been programed since birth to see the world a particular way and think things should be a certain way because I’ve been brainwashed with it over and over again.  Then when things don’t turn out to be what I have been programed to expect, I become upset.

How can anything be expected?  How can anything be required to be a certain way to be “right”?

Who’s to say “it’s not supposed to be that way”?

The key word here: supposed — something that is presumed to be true but without solid evidence of it being fact.  Yet so many times when I feel a negative emotion coming on, it is because something or someone is not supposed to have happened or behaved in a certain manner.

Are cars really supposed to always run perfectly?  Are people really supposed to never ever have opposing interests?  Are things really always supposed to go as planned?

That would be considered unrealistic and silly, yet it is the normal mindset when things go “wrong”.

Whenever I start thinking something or someone is doing what they shouldn’t, I am making myself vulnerable to playing the victim because I am thinking that life should be fair and perfect: look at everyone else with their cars and relationships and daily errands going smoothly.

Life is always going to do and be what it is and does, and there’s nothing I can do about it except for become a master over how I spar with it.  I can either punch back until I reach utter exhaustion and frustration, or I can become supple, flexible, graceful, whilst artfully dodging blows and backbending away from a potential kick to the stomach.

I’ll choose my daily battles wisely.

I choose to not rely on the “perfect day” for my happiness.  Instead I practice daily to question everything (supple, flexible), and approach the world with a clear and strong mind so I can handle whatever may come (graceful, artful dodging).

My idea of the warrior monk.  A blend of mindfulness, stability, agility, and strength.

Everything within can be changed and trained and enriched for a lifetime.

It’s the only thing I’ve got.

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