Choose my own adventure

Something that I’ve been trying to ingratiate into my life this year is to practice perspective shifting whenever I’m in a situation that I’m not feeling so great about.

I’ve always been intrigued by the differences in people’s thinking.  Two people can be in the exact same situation in life and have completely opposite experiences.  What’s so exciting about this to me is that it is shows that the way we feel about life is entirely inside our minds.

This is not to say that the external is irrelevant, but instead that nothing it is neither good nor bad until we individually decide how good or bad it is.

I happen to be in a situation in which I’m not entirely sure I want to be in anymore, and while I’m feeling out the details and working to either try to improve it or phase it out, I cannot help but be burdened by it while I’m still in it.

What helps drastically is if I picture a person who would be borderline thrilled to be in my place, and what would be going on in their head in order to be so happy.  More than likely their thoughts center around a keen appreciation for things that I’ve grown to overlook.

Instead of thinking how much I’ve tired of a job and how much time and effort it may be taking from me, I momentarily morph backwards to nine months earlier when having any kind of income would be deeply appreciated, freeing, and relieving.  Then I morph back to nine years earlier when doing anything that I’m doing now would be completely enthralling.

Sometimes it helps to imagine if I came from an impoverished background and was suddenly given the privilege to have my current life.  Or if how I would feel if I ended up in a wheelchair tomorrow and would give anything to have today back again.

While that doesn’t change my present decision about things, it helps to make it more pleasing and manageable in the meantime until things do begin to shift.  It’s the basic old being-thankful-for-what-you’ve-got, but I find it difficult to get to a truly good place unless I actually sit and take the time to transport myself into the mind of someone who’d have a different perspective and see it through their eyes.

Also great for use at concerts for music I’m not particularly into, hanging out with types of people I’m not used to, and almost anywhere with anyone!

There’s no right or wrong way to experience things, but it is a conscious choice and I’d like to be able to choose mine wisely.

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