Care about normal people


I’ve always been really into people.

Not so much in a people-person way, but in a curious way.

It’s talked about how we have more people on the planet than ever before, and yet there are so many people who often feel alone.  Somehow that concerns me the most– that right now there’s a grown person who’s feeling like no one relates or cares.  Or they feel like there’s no excuse for them to feel so confused and conflicted, and maybe something’s wrong with them.

It seems like there’s always something going on to help babies, children, animals, homeless, etc….  But what about everyone else? What about the people who are considered too normal and healthy to need help?  They are the people who are supposed to be impacting, guiding, and helping those in need; but who’s caring about them?

They’re being told that they’re supposed to be happy and successful in every way because they have no excuse.  But they do — they’re fully alive.  They have jobs, significant others, families, pressures from everything in society.  They have too much to think about, choose from, measure themselves against.

We make sure we are properly schooled, healthy, fully-functioning…but then what?

If you are reading this, you know what I mean.  When was the last time someone asked, with the care of a true friend and concern of a doctor, how you were feeling about life?  Someone who didn’t try to change you but instead help you to understand yourself and just be you?

What I see is that every living being just wants to be loved and accepted for exactly what they are.  They may not show it and it often seems like they’re striving for the exact opposite, but it all stems from the same place.

Care about the people around you.

They’re the ones who have the power to make big changes for themselves, you, those in need, and the world.

*Listen to them without criticism or advice and interjection.  Sometimes they just need to think aloud and express themselves with another human being.  

*Try to look past their (often obnoxious/annoying) exterior actions and see where they’re coming from beneath it.  It’s never about you, it’s always about how they’re feeling about themselves.  

*Allow them to make mistakes, feel shitty about themselves, or cry.  It’s what we do in order to be able to grow.

*We all judge each other.  What we can do differently is to leave our judgments wide open for change and understanding.  See how we have often times acted in a similar way, and why.

*Many people won’t seem to like or appreciate your caring, or even want it at all.  That’s completely fine, respect that.

*We’re all the same at the core.  We just express things differently from each other because we live unique lives — that’s the fun part.

Everything I write here is foremost for myself to be reminded of all of this, because it is so easily lost in the hectic grind of life.

It reminds me to care for myself because when I’m at my best I can be there fully for the world.

When I’m at my best I love being inquisitive, asking dorky questions about people’s lives, hearing them talk about the things that they care about, and of course  anything they consider weird about themselves. Formalities scare me a little bit.

It’s the little things that are so intriguing: the silliness, the quirks, the things we consider embarrassing or weak about ourselves, and the things we are secretly proud about.  This is what makes people people.

3 thoughts on “Care about normal people

  1. Shrinkonthego says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more and enjoyed reading what you wrote. The whole reason I created my blog was to offer some support and reach those people you are talking about. It’s great that you posted this. =)

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