It’s up to me if I want to focus on the good or the bad


In between the news headlines, the people who always block the intersection by my house and prevent me from turning, the desperate egos, the street creeps, the liars, the scary stories of things going badly around the world …are everyone else.  Those just trying to be good people going about their day.

It’s so easy to forget what is always left out.  It’s silly-sarcastic-cynical to say “wow, look at all the people that didn’t try to take advantage of me today”, but it matters just as much, if not even more.

It’s up to me to decide where I want to put my focus and what kind of experience I will have.

All the people who drive nicely.  Women who give genuine compliments to other women.  People in seemingly worse situations who have easy smiles and peaceful attitudes.  First impressions being proven wrong in a good way.  Hearing of others’ sweet experiences. Looking at everything that is going right already.  I have limbs that work, all five senses, a roof over my head, clean water and so much food.

None of those things are any less true than the negative.  In fact they’re much more vital, relevant, abundant, and important.

It’s good to be cautious, informed, and to have an opinion against the less than savory things; but they should never become so big that they obstruct my vision on what else is really there.

What’s really there…here… right now, is me on a comfy ottoman, fully alive and well.  There are people everyday around me who help keep this complex and crazy planet running, as I do when I go to work.  All of us doing our own little parts, just trying to get by and find our individual bits of happiness.

Wrongs of all scale should be acknowledged and dealt with accordingly, but it’s up to me how much and how long and I want the sorrows of the planet to burden me after they have happened.

Focus on what’s really there.  So much good is happening every second and it shouldn’t be missed.

When everything seems wrong, it’s always because I’m focusing on everything that’s wrong.

When I right my mind, my experience will follow.

One thought on “It’s up to me if I want to focus on the good or the bad

  1. Alex Jones says:

    In the end everything is subjective, I may not have authority over events, but I have authority over my attitude to those events.

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