What does it mean to be grown up?


I remember when I saw being grown up as both fun and tedious.

It’s tedious because you have to do adult things like filing taxes, driving everywhere, going to work and taking yourself to the doctor all on your own.

But it’s fun because you get to do whatever you want–you can choose your own clothes and decide when it’s bedtime and playtime. If you want to try something else or go somewhere new, you can, whenever you want.

When we become too serious, too frumpy, we forget how to have fun because we are only seeing life for the mundane responsibilities instead of focusing on the freedom, fun, and possibilities.  

This really is just fun and freedom masquerading as ‘shoulds’ that we’ve been programmed to experience as a necessary chore. They’re just tasks that come along with the privilege of having the freedom of adulthood.

We can now make all the choices we wished we had power over back when we felt we could take over the world if only we didn’t have bedtime.  And if you’re still a grown up, it isn’t too late.

What are you making adulthood mean?


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