The life experience 101


One thing I knew for sure while growing up was that school wasn’t teaching me anything about living.  Their prep for the ‘real world’ was akin to dressing me up in ninja clothes, teaching me the history of ninjas, studying ninja goals and logistics, then sending me out on a mission without knowing how to properly scale a wall or face an enemy.

An engaging life isn’t for mere dabblers–it packs a punch and if I don’t have some warrior skills in my mental repertoire, a passing jab could become a near-fatal blow.  When I’m frustrated and knocked down my life experience goes down. Love and work levels are lower quality, which lead to further the self-sustaining cycle of melancholy.

A defining quote that keeps me thinking: “A happy life is just a string of happy moments”.

If this is the make up of my life, it is absolutely imperative that I put the time and effort and passion into improving myself.  Life can throw it’s sneak attacks and I will train and dedicate myself to understanding and overcoming each obstacle.

Do life well.  Do life smart, strong, and happy.

This is my mission.

Part of this mission is to realize that I am often one of my biggest obstacles. Sneaky mental blocks that adamantly state reasons for immediate surrender — that it’s too late, that it won’t work, that this is a waste of time and energy, that I can’t do it.  Lies! All lies.   Lies that sound like reasonable truths until I remember that it’s up to me to agree with myself or not.

So I’m choosing the way of full responsibility.  I care about my experience here on Earth more than anything.  I care about how this experience impacts my self and those around me.  I care about leading a life without regret and knowing that I took to it like a warrior monk on a mission.  Nothing can keep me from this but myself — all other perceived obstacles are just excuses.

I spent the first half of my life wishing for something to teach me how to do all this, to run my own mission and train at life; the second half has been a rambunctious relentless pursuit to figure it out and I’m still in the thick of it.  But I want to share it here for anyone who has been seeking and craving such a thing.

The life experience.  It’s happening since birth and it’s happening now and it will end one day.  The truth is happier humans create happier experiences for other humans which add that much more happiness to the world.  And happier people love more, give more, create more, live more.  

It is anything but a selfish thing to do.  

It is our sole responsibility.