Life as an artform

monkmusingsThis is my art.  I previously felt odd calling this art, but it’s my creative expression and it’s my voice, so why not?

Creativity comes in many forms but it all begins with a thought, and sometimes that’s all it takes to make something beautiful.  Even if you don’t produce the typical idea of ‘art’, if your mind is curious and reaching to grow, how you craft your life can be an artform within itself.

The way you choose to live your life is art — your expression is what you present to the world and what you put into yourself.  You are your artistic medium.  You shape and build and embellish who you are.

So we are all artists in some shape or form, and like all talents we have the capacity to infinitely growand develop our skill.

The fact that you’re alive and curious right now is a sign that you are worthy and able.  It’s up to you to decide to harness and hone that capability and become the best you can at yourcraft.Untitled-1