I’m a life monk: Naming your life philosophy

Why a “life monk”?

I call myself a life monk because it’s a constant reminder of what matters.

It isn’t about being a life guru or life leader; it’s about being an ever curious, ever humble, ever growing, ever reaching, ever learning, ever seeking little monk whose study is life itself.  Here and now, and finding the best ways for myself.  (Plus lifestudent was already taken by someone amazing).

Giving my life philosophy a title sums up everything for me in a nice little two-word package.  Whenever I’m overwhelmed with the demands and choices of life, reminding myself that I’m a monk of life gently brings me back down to what matters.

Oh right… it’s just all about being curious and humble and growing and seeking.

On more difficult days I go into warrior monk mode and view life’s obstacles as a rigorous training ground.  Life sends out stuff to conquer and I know that the way to do it is to take to it with a strong mind and open heart.

Giving a title to a mindset is a powerful thing.  It could be longer than a title — a mantra, sentence, or summary– or could even just be a simple resounding word that reminds you of everything you want to achieve inside and out.

It could be an image or idea.  It doesn’t have to be publicized and can be secret and sacred if you wish.  It could be borrowed from an already existing title and put a spin on it.  It could be anything.  You could be a life monk too if it feels right.

Just make it your own.  Philosophies and ideas from all the great thinkers and spiritualities in the world exist for us to mix and match to fit our own lives.  We are all unique, so crafting a philosophy is a custom job that is special and bespoke to you.  

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