…On not belonging

monkmusingsSee all those people over there, walking by, collecting in bunches and groups that you’ve never really felt a part of?

The ones who are doing everything they should and thus have all the perks that come with a proper and safe predictable existence?

The ones who live a life you’ve never wanted but still feel odd little pangs of jealousy towards because they’ve got all the support and approval they’ll ever need?

They’re also the ones who are just as afraid as you are, only they have chosen to deal with fear by melting into blandness.  It’s the reason why you’re never able to have interesting and inspiring conversations with them, because that would require them to crack and question their lifestyle.

They may seem like they’ve achieved a lot, but how much achievement is there really when all one has to do is follow an unquestioned well-supported path?  Those people may appear to have it all figured out and all together, but the truth is they’re trying so hard to keep everything under control that they’ve never had the luxury of discovering the freedom of choosing a personally crafted existence.

Meeting the requirements for a societal-approved life isn’t the same as creating a custom-crafted existence that is yours and yours alone — one that you have all the explanations and reasons for that are all your own decisions and individual philosophy.  

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