We were born creative and crazy


Who is crazy?  Who is creative?

You is crazy. You is creative.

Everyone is.  There are varying levels and styles, but we must be because it’s a major part of what makes us human.

We were all crazy creatives when we were little kidlets running around finding joy in turning things into others things and loving new perspectives, and we couldn’t understand why adults didn’t get it.  Why NOT wear fairy wings to school?  Why not wear underwear hats?  Why not see that being stuck in traffic is pretty much the best time to be astronauts?

Now that we’re the adults we think we’ve lost that spontaneous spark of childish genius that we’ve quietly suspected could fuel more fun and ingenuity into our lives.  Yet underneath the expectations, regulations, rules, formalities and shoulds, our crazy creative selves are still there — we just tend to keep it under (sometimes very tight) wraps.

Creativity is looking at what’s in front of you and imaging something different and how you can possibly get closer to that new idea of reality.  It’s taking what you’ve already got and using it in new ways to get a different result.  It’s looking beyond the current reality and seeing the possibilities of having a new perspective, making new meanings, repurposing, revamping, reshaping.

It’s more than artistic endeavors — in fact, being tangibly creative isn’t even required.  Any creativity starts within the mind, and then it is up to us how we end up using it.  Being open to exploring different ways of thinking and new ways of looking at the world is the creativity that powers all we experience in life.  Because we are all able to conjure up ideas and new thoughts, we all possess creativity.

Just like how an artist envisions a final project and then begins to gather reference, techniques, and materials to begin to create something new; so can we with our lives.  Creatives don’t sit around waiting for parts of the project to just show up, we are able to begin to make it real from what they already have.

You don’t need more money or education or things to start this.  The only requirement is an open and curious mind.

Once this process starts developing, we begin acting different.  We begin to break habits and form new ones.  We start to explore new ways of doing things.  We start to experiment.  We go up and down.  We start to step out of the box we were comfortable, but not really happy, in.  When we act different, people will see this as crazy.  We may feel a little crazy, but a more authentic kind of crazy instead of the usual anxious mindlessness.  This is a really good thing.

The best kind of crazy is the kind that you do for yourself — the stuff you would still do even if no one was there to know about it.

Being human means we are highly adaptable, which is proof of our unique and innate creativity.

We’re no longer children and that’s great.  We are now armed with our comparatively powerful adult wiles we have the ability to balance our smarts with our creativity and use that brilliant mixture to begin to live a slightly more crazy and much more awesome life.

Allow me to show you how.
This is a guide to better living through creativity — living the crazy creative life.


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