Inside – Out


What if getting out of a comfort zone required nothing more than changing thoughts?


I have become much more focused and aware of my comfortable-but-stagnant mental loops; catching myself in the middle of a spiral of doubt, excuses, procrastination & blame — and turning my thoughts towards more inspired and productive thinking:

In the middle of the week I was feeling annoyed because plans fell through and I was stuck thinking about how the whole day was wasted and it wasn’t my fault.  But then I realized that that thinking would keep leading me down a non-productive spiral to hellish nowhere, and that it would be my fault.  So I changed my thoughts to “I still have the rest of the evening to work on whatever I want”.  I got up and began a creative project, wrote an article, and listened to some podcasts.  And at the end of the night I felt great.

I have finally begun to honor my priorities.  I am working the rest of my life around my professional goals instead of the other way around.

I’m doing things to be awesome for myself, instead of trying to be awesome for someone else.

There’s a big difference between knowing something (that my thoughts drive my life) and actually putting it wholeheartedly into action and actually experiencing the process.  It’s been difficult.  Catching myself falling into easy, comfortable, and regrettable emotions has been difficult.

In the past I’ve tried to make big changes by altering my surroundings and my actions as fast as I could.  I thought that I could make myself anew by changing the outside, and my inside would simply adjust.  In retrospect I see that that method would tend to start off strong with determination, but then would ultimately begin to fall apart as I couldn’t keep up with the big changes.  It felt like a big farce.

The way to make it not a big farce is to begin to evolve inside first.

Once the inside starts changing the outer things happen almost on their own.

Maybe this is what Turning Pro is all about.