Quality over Quantity

2015-05-30 22.14

Half of this week was spent in Las Vegas with my boyfriend’s friends who were celebrating their engagement, which made for interesting comfort zone expansion.

For this trip I wanted to lighten the load, especially inside my head.   Before leaving, I set aside my expectations.   I set aside the need for things to go a certain way.

I noticed when my mind started to analyze any discomfort, and I told myself that everything really is alright.  Sometimes I found myself doing this in startling ways.

Right before we were about to drive back to Los Angeles a thunderstorm suddenly hit, flooding the roads.  I sat behind the wheel in the parking structure, looking out at the lightning surrounding the Stratosphere.  I was tired and hungover and not looking forward to the long drive, and then getting back into the grind of the real world.

I had a sudden morbid thought: what if this was it?  What if we were going to die on the way home?  What if this was the last few hours of my life?

Instead of death, I was suddenly focused on life.  The warm wind blowing around us.  The dramatic skies.  My boyfriend’s quiet presence in the seat next to me.  How cool the monorail is.  How cool it is to be human.  Experiencing it all.

It wasn’t as sentimental as it was a full shift to the present moment.  Nothing was wrong.  Nothing will be wrong.  Even if something did go wrong it will not be wrong.

Just choosing to be along for and enjoy the ride.
Quieting the excessive thinking that does nothing but make for a dour mood.

The idea of the minimal mindset isn’t about not-thinking, it’s about choosing what to think and when.  Quality over quantity.

I’ve always worried that if I didn’t analyze enough I could miss something important, but I noticed that I was ironically missing out on the most important thing — the present moment.

There’s a time to be analytical, and a time to be minimal.

Something may seem uncomfortable but it’s usually just the thoughts we are having about the situation.


Questions to ask:
What is truly uncomfortable about this, right now?
How much of this discomfort is being created by excess thinking?
What is real for me right now?
What is there to feel good about right now?

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