Living without Regret Vs. Dying without Regret


Regret is inevitable in life if you are an emotionally-healthy human being.

It may be semantics, but to live without regret seems to suggest not living with awareness.  We should regret things if we are to learn from our past.  But the idea is not to allow that regret to mean anything final.  We are still alive.  We are still writing our story, creating our work of art.

We should be allowed to regret whatever choices we have previously made, but to allow that regret to stop us from continuing to grow and soldier on is what we will ultimately regret on the deathbed.

The top 5 regrets of the dying: Not living life true to who they really were, working too hard (on a “treadmill” existence), not having the courage to express their feelings, not spending enough time with friends, and wishing they had let themselves be happier.

They are realizing too late that they could’ve listened to themselves instead of what was deemed right and felt comfortable.  They settled into conformity and turned on the auto-pilot.

These are all things that could have been improved upon at any time in life — as is with all things.  Sometimes we’re just unaware until it’s too late.

The only thing we will regret at the end is not trying to change when we could.

If you are reading this, you still have time.

So regret what you wish, but let it teach you and evolve you.

And in the end you won’t regret not giving it your all.

The only real mistake is thinking it’s too late to try.

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