The Spaces in the Places



It doesn’t have to be ugly.  It’s just people on the streets.  Just discarded items.  Just places that haven’t been given love in a while.  It’s just someone reacting to another reaction.

It doesn’t have to be scary.  These things have all been done before in some shape or form by other human beings.  We are meant to be strong, resilient, supple.  We are meant to endure and find ways to balance again.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.  It’s just another day, another thought, another series of actions.  And it’s always a choice.

It doesn’t have to be complex.  It’s just many simple things put together.  It’s just things doing what they do.  It’s just life going about it’s crazy way.

It doesn’t have to be black or white.  Something can be great and awful at the same time.  Something can be brilliant yet stupid.  Something can be beautifully ugly.  Something can be many things all at the same time.

The pressure doesn’t need to be there.  It’s just people saying things, doing things.  It’s just pictures across a screen, on a large sign.

It’s just words in the media.  It’s just people who happen to be known by many other people.

It’s just the world moving along.