Creativity thrives on Imperfection


I realized that on perfect days I tend to not get much done.

I’m not agitated enough, hurried enough, flustered enough.

Like many, I work best under a time crunch.   While heavy urgency can cause excess stress and botched jobs, in the right amount it can also force us to think up crazy wonderful new ideas and put an end to analysis paralysis.

If the world was perfect and we could safely sleep under the stars every night and never want for anything, civilizations would have never formed, technology never devised, and culture never created.

It is through having a need, perceived imperfections, a struggle, that we become the most inventive and amazingly brilliant.

What is the perfect situation anyway?

If I  didn’t have insomnia last night?  If today wasn’t 98 degrees?  If I didn’t have to deal with traffic, or my day job, or demanding LA folk?

Despite my initial inclination to grumble, I know that these are the days that I make the most notes, have sudden ideas, epiphanies, and creative solutions … if I am allowing of it.

If I am allowing of it.