Why you must hire yourself as creative director of your life


meme2Just like any top celebrity, I have a crew.

My physical trainer knows how to get me out hiking each week and to coax me into yoga sessions after work.  My finance manager helps me see possibilities instead of just a jumble of numbers .  My nutritionist drags me out for groceries late at night so I can gladly wake up to bananas and kiwis the next morning.  I always check in with my life coach and work with my business and branding advisor to build opportunities for myself.

I position myself as creative director, over-seeing my life as my kingdom, running my own show.  I am in control and I give myself no excuses.

The only difference between myself and an A-lister is that they have to shell out top dollar; if they lose their wealth, they lose these services.  My crew may not be as flashy or prestigious, but they can get me through well enough until I can afford to upgrade — and I never have to worry about losing them.

I am my crew.  We all can have a crew.

Deep down inside we know more than we think we do.

We know what gets us motivated and moving.  We know what it would take to stay on task long enough to see results.  We know what we want from ourselves, what we want to look and be like, what our deepest goals and loftiest dreams are.

And if we need help with something, we have Google and apps at our fingertips.  This is powerful stuff, it is an amazing time to be a creative individual.

We know exactly what we need to do, but it’s difficult because we’ve woken up as ourselves every day of our lives.  It’s all too easy to cling to who we were yesterday and the day before.

Giving yourself a title and proper job description in your mind is a quick way to a fresh new perspective.  It’s also a great way to snap out of complacency and into a temporary role of specialized responsibility without utterly boring yourself.

Studies have shown that our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between imagining something and actually experiencing it — participants practicing playing a tune on an imaginary piano had the same had the same parts of their brain fired up as those who  practiced on a real piano.  Similarly, sitting down and taking on the position of production manager and giving ourselves motivational pointers can get us through an otherwise uninspiring project; our brains may not know any difference than if you hired someone.

We know that if we had a top-notch coach waiting on us to deliver, we wouldn’t be lying prone on the couch all day.  We know that if we just made the effort to do what we need to do, we would be so much more ahead.

It’s so easy to slip into laziness.  But that is why you must position yourself as creative director.  Or professional organizer.  Or tutor.  Or job finder.  Or whatever specialty service you need at the moment.  Give yourself the role of guiding and motivating yourself through a task, reminding yourself why it’s so important, and giving encouragement.  We need this from others, but we most need it from ourselves first.

And that’s the biggest thing: we cannot wait for the right people to come and support us.  We can’t lay back and expect everything to come easy.  The moment we think we’re lacking something because we cannot hire a coach or manager or whatever, is just a big excuse.   Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re helpless if you’re by yourself.  Just as you would know how to help out a friend, child, or loved one, you know how to help yourself.

So get your crew together!  Take the time to work with yourself, talk to yourself, post messages or whatever it takes.

You are creative director whether you hired yourself or not.  This is your show.


Note: Shout out to my blog manager for keeping me working through a bout of distraction!

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