Make. Believe.


When you were a kid, you didn’t give a damn about your current reality.

If you wanted to be a ninja, a queen, or a dinosaur, you just did it — you were it.

You stepped into your own world, your own role, did whatever it is that you needed to do to become it, and had fun and enjoyed it.

Imagine if you were 6 and wanted to be a ninja.  But then you looked at yourself and your surroundings and said, “that’s stupid, I’m not a ninja”, and then just sat down and felt sorry for yourself all day.

No.  Kids don’t give a shit.  They create what they want.

We may think we know reality.   We may look at them and laugh and know they’re not really a ninja.

But which reality is better?  Which reality has more joy, more excitement, more play and energy and learning and growing?

Your current reality doesn’t matter.

You may not yet see it in front of you, but reality always begins with creating the right mentality.

Begin learning, doing, whatever it is that you need to do to become more of whatever you want to be.

Getting to a new reality begins here, now.

Play around a bit!


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