The truth behind what you want and everything you do


There’s a secret behind everything you desire and strive for.  It’s more than what it seems.

We may think we really want our great project to be recognized, to find that perfect partner, and never worry about money again.  And of course we really do want that.  Badly.   Legit-ly.

But there’s one underlying theme that beats as the heart of everyone’s desire.

The sole coveted truth behind everything we do:

We’re reaching, clawing, fighting…. for a good feeling.

Happy, fulfilled, growing, worthiness, love, etc.

We want a feeling.

The real reason why I want a badass and fun vehicle is because I believe I will feel badass and have fun while driving it.

The real reason why I want people to be compassionate is because I believe I will feel happier about humanity.

The real reason why I want to go on an online shopping spree because I believe it will feel better than facing the writing I need to be doing.

The real reason why I dream of being able to split my time between Hawaii and Los Angeles is because I want to have my family and a relaxed lifestyle, while still getting to be a part of a driven and creative scene.  But the real real reason why I want to have the best of both worlds is because I believe I will feel more love, more energized, joyfilled, and balanced.

The root of everything we do is in the name of a good feeling.  We’ll buy something, eat something, drink something, do or talk about something; if we believe it will make us feel an inch better than before.  Even if it seems self-destructive, it’s a way to numb or distract — it’s an attempt to cope and feel an emotion that’s a millimeter more tolerable.

The events, people, and possessions will mean nothing to us if we don’t believe they will make us feel better than we do now.

This is why we have witnessed those who live humble happy lives, and those who have extravagant miserable ones.  Of course it’s completely possible to have it all and be happy, and I fully encourage everyone to unabashedly and boldly pursue everything they dream.

But while shooting for the stars, it’s powerful to remember why we’re hurling ourselves through space in the first place.

It’s not the moon and galaxy itself that we’re really after — it’s the feeling those celestial baubles imbue in us.

Happy.  Accomplished.  Healthy.  Love.  Worthiness.  Joy.  Excitement.  Peace.  Passion.  Fulfillment.

This is what we really value.

And the reason why this is so important to recognize, is because it allows us to see the truth behind our actions.  It makes us more aware and empowered.

Because the wonderful truth is that if all we’re really after is a better feeling, we can begin to create that before you obtain all that you desire.

Situations will happen and there’s little we can do to control the outside world while keeping our sanity.

But we can work on how we feel inside.

We can learn to create new feelings and create new and better things in our lives.

More on this to come!