Spray painted sunglasses



When we see something every day, we often forget to acknowledge it’s existence …it’s possibilities.

I’d “forgotten” that I had a pair of goofy-ass Cinco de Mayo glasses that I’d scored for free from a bar, sitting right night to my desk.  Save for the random party night, they were pretty much just there as useless yet funky decor.


I love wearing grey and had been interested in finding some matte grey sunglasses for a while.  I was in the middle of looking on Amazon when it dawned on me.

I’m doing it again: shopping for something that I technically already had.  (I had done this a month ago with my DIY hip-bag).

Green is not my color (and moustaches don’t compliment my facial structure), so I never thought to actually seriously wear them.

With the help of pliers, painters tape, Xacto knife, and grey spray paint, I had grey sunglasses in about 20 minutes — and within a day they were dry and ready to wear.




These glasses are a metaphor for me about perspective and paying attention.

I saw these silly glasses every day, blatantly displayed beside my computer.  I had grey paint sitting under my craft table.  Meanwhile, I was looking for grey sunglasses online.


Crazy how that works.

And it’s not just about being crafty.

It could be about other things that are right in front of you that you’ve become ‘blind’ to.

Maybe you’ve been ogling everyone else’s love affairs, and you haven’t kissed your significant other all day.

Maybe you’d feel less drained and scatterbrained if you simply cleared your desk of all the clutter from your old projects.

Maybe those big old reference books you want to get rid of could become that cool retro stool you’ve been searching for to display your house plant.

Maybe you could feel more relieved of your break-up pains if you rearranged your bedroom into something new and beautiful.

Maybe the answer to something is in plain sight.

Just remember to keep an open mind, and take a look!