You define the crazy


One of my slogans is simply “The Crazy Creative Life”.

It implies that the crazy feeling is often a solid partner that accompanies a life that’s dipped in creativity.  It also means that a life can be crazy-creative — super creative.

And I believe in embracing both.  The crazy comes with the creativity.  The devotion to passion, forging one’s own path, and following the heart is going to feel crazy.

Crazy busy.  Crazy emotional.  Crazy confusing.  Crazy conflicting.  Crazy chaotic.  Crazy in the head.  Crazy passionate.  Crazy everything.

The greatest thing you can do is to remind yourself that crazy is a necessary part of it all.

Crazy is more than an over-used term of emphasis — it is a feeling that can invoke great change, insight, challenge, growth, and of course creativity.   In fact I would dare say that the craziness and the creativity not only fuel each other, but require each other.

To be creative is to be human.  Our high intellect allows us to approach the world through an infinite different interpretations.  We are able to create dreams, goals, art, ideas, inventions, productions.  Our intellect also makes us very complex characters.  We think, therefore we need more than food, water, and a ball to play fetch with to be happy.

Combine aspirations with emotions and you’ll get a crazy rollercoaster.

But that’s part of the deal.  If we want to live up to our standards, to our dreams, to who we really truly are, we will have to accept the crazy.

If life never felt risky, edgy, emotional, turbulent, chaotic and confusing, we’d be living a beautifully unchallenging existence that will have little need for much intriguing invention or complex expression.

You aren’t crazy for doing what you’re doing.  Your crazy life and mind isn’t a sign that you should give up.

Crazy is necessary, but it can be managed.

You can deal with all the craziness in a more productive, peaceful, and enjoyable way.

It all happens in the hotbed of creativity — your mind.  You don’t have to meet the craziness with a crazy mind.

Clean out, beautify, and manage your mind, and you will live a cleaner, more beautiful, more manageable, crazy creative life.