Your mind as a secret garden


Why do I coach mindset?

Why focus so much on thinking?  Why not focus on action or success or feeling better?

Because all those things begin with the mind.

It may not seem like it, but everything that we do and feel in life is a result of the way we are thinking.

Our way of thinking is directly correlated to how we feel and what we do.

Cultivating the power of our mind is like caring for a garden — weeds can be detected and removed, the soil can be fertilized, and we can plant the kind of fruitful plants and beautiful foliage that nourishes our feelings and our lives.  All of us have a beautiful garden in our heads, but most of us leave it unattended.

You can keep buying beautiful bouquets over and over again, but you will always know that they will only last so long in the vase —  you will have to watch them wither and die, and then go out and obtain another bouquet.  That is comparable to the stress, struggle, and suffering of working so hard to control an outcome that you want.  It seems beautiful on the surface, but underneath there is a sense of desperation.

We can try to force ourselves to take all the action and make all the changes, but it will be difficult to sustain, and won’t be enjoyable  You can’t force a garden to grow.  You can only nourish it with care and awareness.

When we are aware of and caring for what is going on in our minds, only then can we begin to truly feel better.

And the better you’re feeling, the better act and be and experience life.

You are your mind, your thoughts.

This is why it’s so important to learn the art of thinking.

It is your self-creation.

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