Your dreams are only as good as you get

You can’t polish a turd.  You can’t just put icing on an empty plate and call it cake.   You can’t give a junkyard car a new paint job and expect to drive it across the country.   It’s pointless to add beautiful flourishes to a house with a cracked foundation and termite infestation.

It might make things appear a little nicer, but if things aren’t fully right underneath, it’s all a waste.

This is the same for our goals and dreams.

We think that once we have all the great stuff and achievements, life will be so much easier.  Our problems will lessen.  Our woes will disappear.  We will magically be happier.

And as we progress and achieve more, yes, we will start to feel a little better and fix a few problems.  But it won’t be a cure-all.  And it will only be as great as what we already bring to it.

If there isn’t already a good foundation, a delicious base, a well-oiled machine; it can only go so far.

This is why there are miserable people who from the outside appear to have no problems,  wealthy people seeking therapy for anxiety, and celebrities who — intentionally or not–commit suicide.

Give a genuinely happy person fame and fortune, and they will create an even more amazing, happy life for themselves.  Give a self-hating, world-blaming pessimist fame and fortune, and no matter what they do with it, they will ultimately suffer until they look inside.  No matter where you fall on the spectrum, external achievements can only temporarily patch-up, not cure, the inner stuff that we deal with right now.

But you’re not crap.  You’re not an empty plate or flawed foundation.  You are human.  You are organic and fluid and changing from moment to moment.  You may sometimes feel crappy or flawed, but it’s just one perception.  There are so much more available to you.

You’re not stuck, I promise you.  The magic is all in the mind.  And no matter where we are right now, we can start to improve and work on ourselves.  A life can only be as happy as whom that life stems from.  It’s not life itself that provides the joy, it’s who’s living it.

The inner work is completely connected to the outer work.  What you create within, you experience with-out.

Self-creation is an art of cultivating a beautiful, resilient, delicious, solid foundation.

So when the polish, the toppings, the flourishes come… it’ll be simply enhancing an already existing masterpiece.

A question:

If your wildest dream were to appear in your life tomorrow: the most amazing person, the important deal, all the funds, the big break, clamoring clients, or a ton of interested people… would you be prepared?

Would you be the version of yourself that would be needed to fully engage this opportunity?  Would you have the skills and resilience and work to show? What if it were coming sooner than you expect? What if it’s already on it’s way? What would you need to overcome or improve within yourself to begin stepping up to this dream?

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