Why feeling good is empowerment



Why we’re afraid to feel good:

If we felt good right now, we’d be settling for what we have.

We’d stop trying to better ourselves.

We’d be deluding ourselves.

We don’t deserve it!

It’s funny that the older I get, the more real these excuses sound.

Yet when I look back through my childhood, I keep seeing evidence for why prioritizing feeling good — no matter what’s happening — is power.

As a child that meant delving into make-believe.  When I felt insignificant, I would pretend I had secret super powers or important magical missions.  I wouldn’t tell anyone, but while imagining this I felt more joy and worthiness, and it made me act as such — as opposed to being mopey and sad.

As an adolescent I would keep a journal, listen to pounding music, and obsessively study people who seemed to be genuinely happy.  On the outside I was still awkward and moody , but on the inside I wasn’t entirely powerless.  I believed in my power to change and figure things out.  And I’ve come so far.

I didn’t see things in terms of deserving happiness, and I wasn’t afraid that finding it in the moment would make me give up on improving. I just knew that I wanted to feel better.  I never doubted that feeling amazing was the best thing to do for myself.  And the better I allowed myself to feel, the more empowered I was, and the more changes I made in my life.

It was about realizing I really did have a kind of secret power.  It was about realizing that no matter what my friend said or my boyfriend did or if I had acne or braces, I could still feel alright about myself.   It was always a rollercoaster, but it was so much better than feeling powerless.

Choosing to feel good is empowering.  It’s my mojo.

The world opens up.  My mind opens up.  I am open to bigger and better things.  I do more.  I am more.

If you’re going to create, create from a place of feeling really good.  Feeling truly good & empowered will only boost you towards your dreams, not hold you back.

And it won’t be delusional.   The only thing that’s delusional is that you’re stuck and should be miserable.  No.

If you have your mojo, you’re going to do greater things.  You’re going to experience life in a much better way.

Take your power back.  Do whatever you need to do to find your mojo.  Whether this takes 10 minutes or 10 years, you must do it.  This is the best way to live, and the fullest way to be.

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