The Power of Creative Rebels


Creative: the ability to go beyond preset ideas, rules, patterns, relationships; and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations.

Rebel: to resist or rise against some authority, control, or tradition.

If our minds were aquariums, and the fish inside represented our thoughts and beliefs; most young people would have an aquarium-mind that looks very similar to the the minds owned by their parents, friends, and mentors.

familyaquariumIn adolescence we began to realize that there are ideas beyond the stuff that’s been swimming in our heads.  In fact, we’ve become bored with the same aquarium-mind that we’ve known our whole lives, and we begin to explore what else is out there.

There’s a entire infinite ocean-galaxy of stuff to choose from.  When we begin to try out different thoughts and ideas, we begin to build our own mindscapes.  We begin to feel and act different.



This is when we have a choice.  To just go back to the comfort of the old mind and old safe path, or to keep creatively rebelling, growing, figuring ourselves out.

The creative rebel sees that there’s so much more to experience.  Some new stuff just feels better.  They see that they can keep some old stuff they like, but can now mix some new stuff in and see what feels the best.

They realize they can cultivate an eclectic, custom aquarium that is personalized just to their liking.  The ultimate empowerment & freedom.  Realizing that they have this ability to populate their minds with new and exciting things that feel better than the old, is gold.duelmindTopfade

The difference between a basic rebel and a creative one, is that the creative rebel chooses wisely.  They don’t just stuff their aquariums full of the craziest fish just because they can.


They take the time to try a few out.  Get a little crazy.  Then change it up. See what they personally like.  They’re hungry for knowledge and make it all into one big experiment.   They’re curious to play around and see which mindsets bring out their best selves in varying situations, because they know that when they’re feeling their best, they do their best work and are better for those around them.

They treat their minds as an art, because they know they have limited time and want their life experience to be the best possible.


The Ultimate Creative Rebel :


Intends good for self first, then others.  They know that when they are taking care of themselves and making themselves truly happy and fulfilled, not only are they greatly benefiting and making the moments of their life worth living, but that they are then able to be their best for others as well.

Views life as a personal responsibility, not something others must do for them.  They’ve stopped blaming.  They know it’s their responsibility to figure themselves out, make themselves feel good, and make their life their own.

Sees that there are many different choices, and they have the freedom afishlonend ability to choose.  They are self-empowering.  They get to choose what they want in their mind, and thus how they experience life.   They own that it’s their choice how they want to experience any moment, or any situation.

Looks inside for explanation of how to feel and do, rather than blindly follow the supposed-to’s.  They honor themselves above the majority rule and societal judgements, and take the time and effort to listen to themselves for the answers.

Opens to new perspectives & possibilities and can see the world from different angles.  This is the definition of creativity. Our ability to think beyond what we see in front of us is what makes us human.  But we choose how good we get at it and how much we want to apply it to our self-creation.

Willingly tries new things, thinks new thoughts, and questions things that most people never think twice about.  They stop and ask ‘why?’, rather than passively suffer or complain.  They have the tenacity to look at something that they’ve done their whole lives and question if it really is worth doing if it doesn’t feel right.  They question and get creative and refuse to remain stuck and as the victim.

Sees the beauty in the work.  And understands that it can be a difficult, beautiful life-long struggle to know thyself, and that the rewards are far more glistening and richer than any external approval for following the same old path.


The creative rebel ranges.  There is no ‘type’.   The quieter inner creative rebel is just as powerful — and sometimes more honest– than a grandiose avant-garde individual showcase.  It’s always first and foremost an inside job.

We all have creative power as humans.  It is our inherent being, our inner nature, and it is up to the audacity of the individual to fire it up or smother it out. It is progressive thinking, brave open-mindedness, and the seemingly rare ability to not only allow, but invite the flux of life and it’s spectrum of possibilities.

I am making this visual guide to help us better understand how to cultivate and maintain beautiful minds, which in turn will create a more customized, beautiful, enjoyable life.

Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being.

Albert Camus


We are no longer puppets being manipulated by outside powerful forces: we become the powerful force ourselves.

Leo Buscaglia



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