No one is more right about yourself than you



If you think your thighs are great, it doesn’t matter if someone else thinks you look unproportioned.  Every time you look in the mirror, you’ll get to feel good about yourself.

“But what if they’re right?  What if they do make me look funny?  I don’t want to be delusional.”

There billions of people in the world, and each will have their own opinion.  Some will think your thighs are desirable, some will find them ugly, and all the in-betweens.  Many won’t have any opinion about them.

If you went back in time to another era or another culture, your body could be perceived by the majority completely opposite from what the masses currently think.   One person’s idea of fat thighs is another person’s chicken legs.

What you decide to think, you get to feel.

It would only be delusional if you were to believe that there was a right or wrong way of seeing something that is completely subjective.  Or if you were blatantly in denial about something that could be proven in court.

You cannot legally prove that your life is too hard, your habits are set in stone, your body is unattractive, or that things will never workout for you.

The truth is that there are many different ways of thinking about your situation, and no matter what anyone else may believe, your choice of thought is yours.

Even if “everyone thinks…”, “mom says…”, or “all the experts believe…”; it doesn’t matter.

They can have their beliefs, and you can be like Oprah Winfrey, Arthur Boorman, Steve Alexy, or Sean Stephenson, who believed in what brought out their best selves no matter what everyone else thought or what statistics showed.

The only truth you experience is what you choose to think and believe right now.

What do you believe?