Mind Shift 001: That person who could change everything


thatpersonwhocouldchangeevrythingWould you be prepared?

What if by chance meeting today you encounter that person you have up on a pedestal, whom you never thought you’d meet so soon, if ever?

Someone you never imagined you’d be stuck standing in line with whilst in the middle of the most mundane errands.

They’re asking about the coffee you’re holding from the new cafe.  Time halts.  Light casual conversation ensues.  You happen to mention what you do.

They are surprisingly receptive to what you’re saying, but they’re paying for their items and are about to rush out.

“Nice meeting you too,” they say, eyeing their phone while moving towards the door.  Then they pause for a second and hurriedly half-turn back towards you. “Oh, do you have a card or something? I’d like to take a look at what you do.”

They want to see what you do.  They want your website.  Your Youtube.  Your whatever.  This once in a lifetime chance — they’re leaving.  You’ll probably never see them again.

Would you be overwhelmed by joy or be sinking with regret?

Would you be able to show them something that you know is your current best work — something that gets across everything you stand for, everything you represent?  Would you feel confidence in knowing what you give them is your highest proof at conveying everything you are, regardless if you ever heard back from them or not?

Or would your heart descend into the underworld, realizing that what you have to show them is either non-existent, sparse, low-quality, half-assed, watered-down and safe, or some other poor representation of your true brand of creative genius…and mourn that this magical serendipitous meeting could have been so much more?

Your life would have changed if they supported you in even the smallest of ways — a mere “cool stuff” comment would’ve been treasured forever — but you blew it.

You blew it because you’ve been waiting around for the ‘right’ approval first before putting your all into making your best work come to fruition.  You’ve made excuses and sat in self-doubt.  You looked at the statistics and weighed yourself against everyone else around you, and figured that it wasn’t worth trying 100% for.

Because you were so afraid to disappoint yourself, to embarrass yourself.  You were afraid to give it your all because you were afraid your all wouldn’t be enough.  That someone like them would never even want to see it.

Regardless of what happens, you will only disappoint yourself if you don’t give it your all.

If you don’t make your vision and personal genius your priority — no matter what.
If you don’t do it because you believe it’s supposed to always feel easy and breezy and beautiful.
If you don’t do it because you’re afraid of disappointment: That is the sure-fire way towards disappointment.

Don’t wait.

Don’t half-ass it and stall because nothing is happening yet.  Don’t wait for recognition or that promising nod from the universe.

If things were to start happening, would you be able to communicate that you can deliver?

You never know what could happen in a week, 6 months, a year.

Are you preparing?
Are you honoring?
Are you believing?
Are you working?



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