The Creative Life = No Excuses


Fear wants us to think we’re stuck, that the odds are against us, and obviously we aren’t and never have been good enough.  Fear wants us to think there’s no other way to fully enjoy life but to renounce our dreams and succumb to the ‘shoulds’ of society.

But here’s the secret:  Our creativity is actually the best maneuver against fear.

I say maneuver — and not weapon or antidote– because we’re not fighting or curing fear.  (Trying to do so makes us crazy & delusional). We’re working with it, and around it, and through it.

If knowledge is power, then creativity is energy.  We cannot get by on just facts and ideas alone: we need the ingenuity to work these things into our lives.  Together they create new possibilities and amazing growth.

This is the power of creativity.  To pull through things — whatever life gives us — and keep our wits and heart about us.

For us to run into adversity and claim that we’re stuck, a failure, or ruined, would be a underestimation of our human capacity.  We are specifically designed to be able to figure things out and create anew for ourselves.  We are meant to be able to grow and innovate from whatever our current situation may be.

There are new ways of thinking, feeling, acting, and being that will create a whole new life for us — if we really want to work at it.    We can always find the growth within the circumstance; the possibilities from any position.

And just like any art form, living life in this creative way takes practice and awareness.

Love your life, just like you love your craft.

Take to it every day, and look at it from new perspectives and be willing to take on new ideas.  Want to get to know yourself instead of just suppressing or ignoring.   Get to know the artist and creator of your life.

Use your creativity for growth.