Feed your soul with your mind

Souls don’t get damaged by the world.
They become that way from our thoughts.

This is why two people can endure the same challenging circumstance, but one wilts and withers, while the other pulls through and thrives.

One was thinking thoughts of victimhood and spinning tragic stories, while the other had thoughts of growth and harbored hopeful stories.

It’s not that one person has a stronger, better “soul” than the other.

The state of our soul, our heart, our mojo, our energy, is completely linked to what kind of thoughts we’re keeping in our heads.

No one can crush your soul unless your thoughts allow it.

Luckily souls are resilient things and can bounce back into shape once it is fed more fulfilling, nutritious thoughts.

Ween your soul off the mental junk-food scraps you’ve been throwing it, practice high-quality, nutritious thinking instead, and watch yourself come back to life.