“Stubborn & Never Listens”

Take a stubborn person who never listens to new ideas, optimism, or responsibilities, and you’ll have a selfish bore who believes to be a victim of everything that’s wrong with the world.

Take a stubborn person who never listens to outdated thinking, cynicism, or excuses, and you’ll have a creative mind who believes in potential and everything that’s right with the world.

Creative rebels aren’t bad people, they just refuse to follow dumb rules.

They like to see a point in doing something.

They put their rebellious natures to work, to create more of what they want in life.

They need their stubbornness to cut through the dense cacophony of close-minded opinions, while having the unique ability to hear the noise while refusing to tune-in to frequencies that don’t help them.

Many of our lifelong ‘faults’ can turn into highly coveted abilities as aware adults, and often they’re exactly what we need to move ourselves forward.

In repentance for all the grief I’ve caused my parents as The Hardheaded One, I vow in adulthood to use my annoying powers for good.

If you were that irritating kid that repeatedly asked ‘why’, or became extra driven to figure something out when surrounded with doubters; then I want to remind you that in case you lost a bit of that, perhaps it’s time to bring it back.



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