No one’s forcing you to do this

But what if they were?

What if a mob boss gave you an ultimatum: grow into a better version of yourself, stop making excuses, and make something happen in one year’s time…or else.  Prison.   You owe $500,000.  Someone dies.  Something awful.

He implants a monitoring device with a timer into your skull.

“I’ll see ya in exactly a year.  When I get back, things better be very different.”

Priorities would change.

You’d stop wasting time.  You’d find the money.  You’d ditch the excuses.  You’d drop the people holding you back.

You’d clean up your act.  You’d change your bad habits.  You’d work, work, and work.  You’d stop listening to naysayers.

You’d adapt.  You’d learn.  You’d make mistakes and try again.  You’d keep going.  You’d figure it out.

You’d find a way.

In a year, something would’ve happened –and you’d be more of your ultimate self than you ever imagined  — you’d be sure of it.

The mob boss did nothing but light a solid, unshakable purpose under your arse.  You did it all on your own.

We all have such a capacity, and what if we actually used it?

Wouldn’t we much rather be forced by our dreams than by our fears?  I don’t need the mob boss; I’d much rather work on disciplining myself to be ultra-focused and solid-purposed every day all on my own.

No one’s forcing you, but what if you were?


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