Create what you’ve been searching for forever

The fact that you can’t seem to find it is the biggest sign that you’ve hit upon something valuable.

We’re always searching for that person to look up to, the one to inspire us and open our eyes to beautiful new hope and ideas in the world.  Someone daring, ingenious, intellectual, optimistic and refreshingly different?

What if you’re meant to be that person?  Be that change?  Do or create that thing?

What if everything you’ve experienced and are still overcoming every day was the only way you’d be conditioned and grown enough to begin to produce this thing?

This is what your current life has been leading up to: a culmination of that thing, that essence, that expression, that you’ve been craving and looking for.  That marriage of multiple inspirations, a hybrid of philosophies, many personas all rolled into one.

Everything can be used to create yourself.  I just have to harness it, ride it, and not get it confused with ‘just’ the mundane.  Create devotedly from the inside-out, and soon everything will change.



“For years I am and always have been looking out for girls to idealize because they are things to look up to, because they are perfect,” she wrote in her diary. But since she had never discovered “that girl or that woman,” she announced, “I shall be that girl.” — Diana Vreeland

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