Monday Briefing: The platform for your empire

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Where is your focus?  How do you want to feel?

Most people never ask these questions.  They just start grinding away without first getting their mind straight, and then wonder why they’re already stressed out and it’s only Monday.

If you want the driven, vivid, creative-life, you’re going to have to see yourself as the master — you are the artist, the director, creator.  Passive auto-pilot is not an option if you want to achieve those dreams your way.

If you don’t get your mindset straight at least once a day, you will be susceptible to getting thrown off course by mediocre things, and next thing you know you are flailing around feeling down and unmotivated.

This week is in your hands.

It’s about turning off the auto-pilot and getting behind the driver’s seat.

It’s about taking a few minutes to focus and get very clear about what it is you’re trying to do here.

You need to tell your brain exactly what it needs to focus on and look for.

Are you going to tell it stories about how sad everything is?  Then that is what your brain is going to look for as soon as you get out of bed, and the next thing you know you are feeling utterly misanthropic before you even leave the house.

Or are you going to tell your brain stories about how much good has happened so far, and how much good there is to be had right now?  Suddenly you’ll start seeing all the good surrounding you, all the possibilities will become apparent, your creativity will kick in and you’ll slowly be building a solid and higher platform to launch your week from.

It’s about taking one thing at a time, individually, instead of looking at it as a whole and getting intimidated.

Where do you want to put your focus?  How do you want to feel?

Don’t underestimate these seemingly simple questions.  The moment you stop managing your focus and slip back into an auto-pilot of looking for all-that’s-not-happening-yet, you will be destroying the platform you built and begin digging yourself a self-pity hole.

So keep asking.

The moment you start to feel ‘blah’, ask yourself where you want to put your focus right now.  Take it one moment at a time.  Start consciously focusing on something better, and slowly rebuild that platform.

Remember, your empire is built little by little each day, even though you may not feel like you see it yet.

You are the master, the director, the one who’s going to make it all happen or not.

Stop digging a hole and start building that platform.

It’s all where you put your focus.


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