Change the way you feel by telling a new story




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Right now at this exact moment, there’s a subconscious story you’re constantly telling yourself about your life.

If you’re like me, you once were telling yourself how accomplished and cool you are now that you have your license and are cruising around in your very own car!  You felt proud and excited with that story running through your head.

But by now that story has faded into the background and has been replaced with new stories.  Maybe now it’s about how dirty and old your car is, and that story subconsciously makes you feel unsuccessful every time you get in it.  Or maybe it’s how much you love your car, and that makes you feel appreciation and enjoyment.  It’s not a literal story you spell out every time you see your car, it’s simply something that lines the back of our minds and makes us feel a certain way when triggered by something.

This week it’s about remembering that it’s not the car (the circumstance) that is making us feel anything — it’s the story we’re telling ourselves about it.

It’s that way with everything in life.   Even the most self-aware of us always get mentally trapped by stories we tell ourselves.

This week is about telling a new story.

There’s probably a particularly painful story you’ve been telling yourself about something.  Maybe it’s something in the past, currently happening now, or something we are anticipating.

If it’s in the past, that thing is no longer hurting us directly.  It’s our story about that event that is causing pain in the present.

If it’s future-oriented, we are already projecting a story onto something that isn’t actually happening yet.

If we are telling ourselves a painful story about our current situation, we will suffer through our present moment.

Why spend our precious life telling ourselves stories that make us feel bad?

This is a reminder to us all that we don’t have to suffer so much if we choose not to.

This day, this week, all has a story attached to it that is running through the background of our minds.

The first step is to identify the story that is causing us the negative feelings.  What genre would it be classified as: Tear-jerker? Horror? Drama? What is it that you’re telling yourself about something or someone?

The second is to realize that when this story is played in your mind you feel a certain way; just like when you read or watch a story, it affects you!

The third step is to decide whether we want to keep feeling this way.  If not, then we either decide to lay off that story for a bit, or telling ourselves a new story.

Choose to try out a new genre.  Perhaps action, romance, comedy, or inspiration?

Instead of telling a story of sadness and victimhood, see if you can find one that is about picking up the pieces and having hope and resilience.  Instead of the angry story, see if you can find the version that is forgiving or empowering or consciously choosing to let it go for the time being?  Or instead of telling ourselves an aggravating story about whatever it is we know we must do, find one that feels more peaceful, vibrant, purposeful — or whatever feeling it is you want to feel!

It’s about realizing that everything we feel is because there’s some story we’re telling.

This week we can choose to tell a new story, rewrite old ones, or discard them completely.

Alright guys, go out there and tell yourself something worth feeling!

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