Evolving from Monk to Ninja

5 years ago The Life Monk was borne out of emotional chaos and many drunken nights.

I was living in a brand new place with no direction in life.   In order to rediscover myself I began the blog and became a “monk” of sorts; studying personal growth and spending lots of time working on myself.

During this intense period of getting myself together, I invested in and graduated from a life coaching school that changed the way I saw the world.

I bought fresh produce for the first time in my life and started a habit of making fruit & veggie smoothies every morning.

I distanced myself from the aimless drinking buddies that I initially attached myself to and began making friends with whom I could have deep conversations with.

I stopped being needy and moody with my boyfriend and began making my self-worth my own responsibility.

I began hiking 3 times a week, impressing myself with my growing endurance.

I stopped buying cheap “fun” clothes and began to practice quality over quantity in all areas of my life.

I hired a life coach to keep my attitude on point, and my mindset bullshit-free.  I worked past my fear of putting my face on the internet.

And finally, I found the ability to go to bed without a bottle of wine for the first time in years.

I am humbled by reviewing everything I just listed.  It doesn’t feel like it now, but upon reflecting back I realize how much everything has changed.

Everything started with the belief that it was possible.

I remember standing alone overlooking Hollywood Blvd, telling myself that in a few years I would have real friends.  That I would have found a solid direction in life.  That everything would be different and feeling lost and lonely won’t last forever.

The Life Monk was an intense, amazing, uncomfortable and growth-filled handful of years.  But it no longer resonates with me.  In the true nature of transformation, it’s time to shed that skin.

There is no solid beginning and end.  I’m forever working hard on new transformations.  I want to wake up earlier.  I want to be more organized.  I want to uphold my commitments to myself.  I want to make a clean house a daily habit.  Oh and of course I want  life-transformation world domination!

But above all, I realized I’m ready to emerge from my mental monk-cave.  I spent years immersed in my own personal transformation and self-seeking, and now I’m ready to take everything to the next level and reach out and bring this all fully into the world.

I need something that kicks me out of my self-study cave.  I no longer need a monk’s solitude and studiousness to grow.    I need something that gears me into action and kicks me up and out of my comfort zone.

I decided that the next step was becoming a life “ninja”.  It’s about seeing one’s self as an obstacle assassin, someone who can flow fluidly with the punches, someone who can maneuver through life like a badass, beautifully.

We spend so much time trying to manipulate things, control things, shape things that are ultimately outside of our control.

The only thing we have control over is doing our best, and creating ourselves for our lives… instead of the other way around of creating our lives for ourselves.  And interestingly enough, once we start to create ourselves, our outer lives will follow.

So thus I am bringing The Life Monk era to an official close.

It feels a little odd, uncomfortable, and intimidating, which means it’s great for growth.

But all growth begins with the belief that it is possible.

What era are you in for your own life?  Do you need to end a chapter and begin a new one?

Giving these eras a name, a new identity, will help solidify and direct the new transition.

What could happen in 5 more years?

Thus it begins….

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