Badass is more than just a style

I’m busting the myth of what it’s truly like to be a badass.

It’s not just fierce outfits and cars and swagger.  That is a style.

A woman could be wearing the hottest clothes in a happening city, strutting with a “you can’t mess with me” attitude…  and then she discovers there’s a 20 minute wait at her favorite restaurant.  Suddenly she’s arguing.  She’s pouting.  She’s complaining that she’s “literally starving”.  She sulks at the table when she’s finally seated.  She feels insulted because she’s a regular and expects special treatment.  Her night is now ruined.

Not very badass.

To be a true badass inside AND out, you need to strengthen your mind to strengthen your character.

I’ve worked in bars and restaurants for over a decade, and I’ve seen big men in dapper suits and perfect grey hair get whiny about the temperature of the air conditioner.   I’ve seen people wearing ‘om’ necklaces and tank tops with peace-signs start arguments over the tiniest things.  I’ve seen the most confidence-exuding people stroll through a bar and then get offended when the bartender is too busy to tend to them right away.

We cannot be fooled.

You cannot mask immaturity with a suit.  You cannot mask unawareness with mala beads.  You cannot mask insecurity by a strut and a smug attitude.

You can’t buy strength of character.  You cannot construct it out looks alone.

It could be a physical presentation, it could be style, but for it to be real it has to be a mindset.

Strength.  Flexibility.  Self-awareness.  Humbleness.

People who truly feel secure and happy with themselves are nice to people.  Because they’re not living in fear of losing validation.

They provide their own validation.

While working, I’ve also met some of the kindest, most patient, most self-aware, and fiercely stylish people who truly can live up to the way they present themselves to the world.

They are my true inspiration.

I used to rely on the edgy clothes, the piercings, the hair, to make up for my lack of character.  But now they’re just fun accessories that make me who I am.   I had to work in order to get past my own pseudo-badass tendencies. 

I’m definitely not perfect, but I am determined to walk the path less traveled.

The extraordinary path is to strive for something real within.

That is what I’m searching for, and I love that you’re all with me.


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