HOW TO upgrade

How far we go depends on
how much we grow.

Have you noticed yourself feeling stagnant and stuck? Mentally chaotic?  Feeling emotionally cluttered?  Going through life feeling soulless?

Do you think things like:

“I’m trying to improve myself, but it’s just so hard to change!”

“If I could be more like them, then it’d be easier.”

“Why can’t I just stop being so worried and just fully be who I know I really am?”

If yes, then not to worry!  It means absolutely nothing about your capability of being an adult or the capacity of your ultimate potential.

It just a blatant sign that you have been on your current level of life for too long, and you have outgrown it.  It’s outdated, ill-fitting.  Time to shed some skin and discover what’s underneath.

When was the last time you decided who you were going to be?



You have full creative control

Many adults assume that because they have reached their full grown state, re-creating themself is no longer necessary, or even sadder —  they believe it’s no longer an option.

As children, we had no ultimate say.  We were shaped by our environment, our upbringing, and our unique outlook on life.

Adulthood actually means that you have unlimited options to create who you could become!

Yes, we all have things that we wish were different about our past or what our habits and tendencies are, but we  have full freedom of choice.

The truth of the matter is, you have so much more to go.  This is exciting!  You’re not stuck.  It’s not that you’re lacking potential.   You’ve simply overstayed your welcome on your current level for too long and it’s time to LEVEL-UP!

Saying that you wish for something to change about yourself is an indication that that potential must be a part of who you really are.  Wanting to be different and have a different life isn’t a sign of weakness — in fact, far from it.  It’s a huge sign that you have so much more to create and experience; and you won’t truly be happy or live your fullest life unless you face it.

get to the next level

3 things are absolutely required if you want to level-up and experience a life closer to what you truly want:

  1. You must be willing to be wrong.  Wrong about yourself, wrong about others, wrong about how the world works.  Until you are able to shake up your current (probably long held) beliefs and be open to new possibilities, no real growth will ever be made.
  2. Get excited about change.  The moment we allow our brains to harden, we become set in our ways like grandparents who cling to their old-ass technology and get bent out of shape by the idea of having to touch a screen.  Refusing change is like refusing reality.  Change is not only inevitable — it’s vital for any real improvement.
  3.  Know thyself.  Just because you’re you, doesn’t mean you spend nearly enough quality time with yourself.  Do you know what you really truly want?  What you value most?  What fun comforts are you willing to sacrifice for your biggest dreams?  What your biggest dreams truly are without the opinion of anyone else?  It takes real guts to be honest to ourselves.


Not deterred yet?  Commendable!

However, if it were this easy everyone would be living their dreams.

Why are some people able to level-up like a badass, while others struggle and never get anywhere?

We all want to level-up, but what really matters is how you do it.