Why is it that two people can start off with similar backgrounds, similar abilities, and similar goals — but in ten years time one person is still entangled in the same problems, while the other is living a whole new life?

Why is it that one person can rise above any obstacle or setback, while another person is riled up and caged by the smallest of things?

What’s the difference?  How do you ensure your path to flourishing instead of floundering?

It all depends on what you’ve got under the hood. 





This is an outdated mind.
It’s been thinking the same way about itself and it’s life for years and years.  It is clogged up with old beliefs because it hasn’t been regularly cleaned out and upgraded.

It’s owner finds it increasingly difficult to improve and cope with life.  They blame others and make excuses for themselves like:  “Well, this is how I’ve always been.”

They simultaneously want the world yet despise the world.   They are now living…




zombie life

Zombie Life is an infection of human potential.  In this state it’s impossible to break-through and create the kind of future we most want.

Like trying to use a 10-year-old computer to run high-tech software, we freeze-up and struggle.   We literally feel like the living dead, just staggering and groaning through life and trying to feed off of other people and things.

When we neglect our mind and Zombie Life sets in, we experience:

Getting bent out of shape by change and new challenges

Blaming the world and other people for our problems

Clinging to the past, fearing the future, and being zoned-out in the present

Depending on other people and things in order to feel better

Easily affected by distractions & negativity

Thinking you’re stuck as who you currently are


Zombie Life = Unrealized potential, settling for a less fulfilling life










Here is a fresh, updated mind.
It’s thinking is continually cleaned-up, charged-up, and fine tuned so it can meet life at a top level.

It’s owner decided to prioritize their mindset in order to create a new future.  They are becoming who they want to be, and are continually blowing their own mind with new experiences.

They are the boss of themselves and the world they live in, because they are in:

ninja life

Life Ninjas not only have the ability to handle whatever comes their way, but they have mastered the art of taking what they’re given and creating something new and better.

If they wish to experience something in a new way, they know they can create it.  They are innovative, flexible, free.

They can maneuver through life like a badass.  They don’t live a perfect existence by any means, but they are thriving and having a fulfilling experience because they are:

Stimulated by change & new challenges

Self-sufficient, empowered, taking full responsibility for who they are

Moving on from the past, creating their future, and welcoming the present

Adapting to the external world by upgrading their inner-self

Maneuvering around distractions & negativity

Knowing that they have full power over who they choose to become


Ninja Life = Creating the best life they can, while becoming the person they always wanted to be

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