Are you in zombie-mode?

Zombie-mode is an infection of human potential.

It is an mental attitude towards a certain situation in your life.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, where you’re from, or what your income is.

Your zombie-mode could be about getting out of your comfort zone.  Or about being alone with yourself, or dealing with family drama.   Or how you react to rude people, or dealing with the past,  or handling uncertainty.  Maybe it’s about trusting yourself enough to gung-ho pursue your dream, or being overly-pissed off at things you have no control over.

I’m not talking about everyday annoyances or temporary grievances.  (Just part of being human!).

What I mean is: any specific area that has you feeling stuck, stressed, unfulfilled, and is significantly bringing down the quality of your life.

It’s an area that you wish you could be stronger for, more accepting of, more dynamic, more productive, more healthier and badass towards; but you feel like you’re stuck.

When we’re in zombie-mode, we say things like:

“I can’t feel better until they/that changes first.”

“I would love to be more [desired quality], but that’s just not who I am.”

“It shouldn’t be this way.”

“Why does it have to be so hard?”

We avoid, we overindulge, we make excuses for ourselves, we blame and try to control others.  We don’t want to try something drastically different, even though doing the same thing over and over again has never truly worked.

 we’re putting all our focus on trying to ‘fix’ something or someone else.

We’re waiting for something in the world to change first, so then we can be a better and happier person and feel good and do all the things.

But we’ve got it all backwards.

The way to make real change — the only way to move up and out of zombie-mode — is to change who we are, first.