Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between therapy and mindset coaching?
I don’t treat or diagnose mental disorders or extreme cases.  I take healthy, fully-functioning people and help them better understand themselves and their mind so that they can be happier, more resilient, and better equipped to deal with all that life dishes out.

I don’t try to extract your past or put you under hypnosis or do some sort of fortune telling (despite what my grandma may believe).  I create a space for you each week to simply focus on you.  With no intent other than to teach you the creative powers of your mind — the art of self-creation — and create a better life experience for you.

Q: How is this different from talking to a friend?
Friends can be great coaches in their own way, but usually aren’t equipped to help you understand yourself and aid you to create great change in your life.  I won’t commiserate with you over how much your life sucks.  I’m here to help you deal with and move up and out of the suckiness. This isn’t about the world, this is about you IN the world.  I’m here to help you, not participate in gossiping or ‘fixing’ things outside of your control (ie: everything).

Q: Who can benefit from life coaching?
Anyone.  Nothing needs to be ‘wrong’ with you to benefit from this stuff!  Everyone needs an unbiased ear, caring heart, and someone to help find clarity from time to time.  Unless you got lucky, no one really ever teaches us how to effectively deal with life, or how our minds are our ultimate life-power.  This is life-changing and powerful stuff!

Q: Will you be telling me what to do with my life?
Not exactly.  I help you figure out what you should do with your life.   Everyone else is already telling you what you “should” be doing!  I teach you how to harness the power of your mind and use your creativity to create a better life.

Q: Will you be judging me?
No.  I mentally prepare beforehand for each session and have been trained in “holding space” for you from a place of openness and compassion.  I don’t come in and scrutinize and rate you on how properly you’re living your life (we already know so many people who can do that for us!).  I am also SO not perfect.  This is not about perfection!  This is not about holding to any other standard than your own.  There is technically no right or wrong, except how you want to be feeling.  This is about your own unique self and life, nothing else.

Q: Is this spiritual in any way?
You can come from any belief system or background, and mindset coaching can compliment it.  I do see it as spiritual in the sense that it really helps you discover your truth and inner power.  It is getting in touch with who you really are and helping you to move into a better version of yourself.

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