It’s time to get real


Your hunch has always been right: You need to do life your way.

And yes, everything else really is bullshit.

You’ve got one life to live, and you know you want to live it to the fullest.

One major thing drives people like you and I: the fear of regret.

What drives my every move is knowing that I have one finite existence that could end at any time with one fell traffic-accident/terrorist-incident/wrong-place-wrong-time/health-surprise/natural-disaster/axe-murder swoop.

It scares the crap out of me, but I think about death every single day.  And I love it.  I enjoy thinking about it, because knowing for absolute sure that I’m going to die, makes me love my life.  I don’t bullshit myself.  I don’t lie to myself.  I don’t shun myself and prioritize other people’s expectations.

It’s all a beautiful paradoxical balance: thinking about death also involves considering the absolute amazing possibilities of this life.   This life that is happening right now.

We already know we can’t take the material stuff with us, yet we still believe it’s what we want, and there’s nothing wrong with that — as long as we know the differentiation.

Enjoy all the things, but don’t make yourself crazy by thinking that they’re what really matter in the end.  The things are what should supplement the things that really matter.

No regrets.

And the only step to ensuring this, is getting really real.

The only thing we can take with us is our own personal knowing that we LIVED to our fullest potential.

Whether this means achieving things your insecure childhood self could only pretend to imagine, or if it means living the most beautiful life that you could muster given the circumstances you were provided — it’s entirely yours to define, and to live & die with.

Ride or die.

Meaning:  Put your ass into the saddle and grab the reins and steer.  Or, you can close your eyes and sit in the familiarity of your pumpkin chariot while you get pulled along blindly through the bumpy terrain until you reach the end and crankily whine, “that’s it?!”.

We have a choice, every single moment; every single day.

Are you up there on the saddle consciously riding?  Or simply just dying.

It’s not morbid.  It’s being real.  If you want life, you need to face and embrace death.  Allow the truth of it to make you love your life even more.

It’s coming, no matter what.
I personally like to do whatever I can to be sure that when it comes, I will know that I spent my precious time alive, experiencing the answers to all my questions — big and small.

If you’re still alive, you’re still on the ride.