Mission Statement


This is an amazing time to be alive — the most open-minded humans have ever been, and now we have access to anything we ever wanted to learn or know.

We as a species are also claiming to be lonelier, more stressed, more unhappy than before.

My mission is about not wasting this amazing time that we have.   This is about truly enjoying as much as we can and living as fully as possible.

This isn’t about faking it.  This isn’t about leaving modern life behind in search of something more pure.  This isn’t about denying what’s going on in the world while we blindly pursue our happiness.

This is about a deep personal practice of staying open to our lives, in a REAL way.

This is about taking what you already have going on and figuring out how to begin to make it work.


This is where we are.  This is where it’s all happening, and all ending. 

How can we fret about the little things when this world will keep on turning each second until one day we cease to be able to breathe out again?

This is your life.

This is your responsibility, your creation.

It’s not meant to be easy if you’re doing it right.

The privilege of living in this amazing time also comes with constant messages that have the tendency to keep us down if we’re not mindful.

We can either complain about it, deny it, or work with it.   You can look right at it and not let it block your view of what’s really important.  Don’t let it close down your mind, your view, your heart and soul.

This is about inner winning.  Winning ourselves back from the constant messages around us, and using our self-knowledge to power us beyond what society has constructed as “right” for us.  This is winning freedom of the most intimate, personal, empowering kind.  It also is what can truly connect us all.

I strive to teach what I yearned for in school — to learn about how to live fully with the freedom to express myself as an individual with a unique take on life, as we all have and need to honor.  And not only that, but to practice and master the skills to get through life’s rollercoaster without sending us into numbness and self-destruction.

I want to live the best life possible, and I want to help as many as I can along the way; all of us learning and messing up and having the time of our lives together.

All you need is a ready mind and an open heart.


And the dedication to making this a beautiful lifelong practice.


That’s all you need.

Let’s get started.


The Life Monk