Ninja School

are craving to experience life as a new version of yourself?


That was me.

Throughout my life: 

I marinated in self-doubt.  I saw the future as bleak and stifling.  I relied heavily on my boyfriends for all my self-worth.  I trolled on people that I envied.  I drank heavily every night, ate like crap, spent excessive money on cheap thrills, and had no idea who I really was beneath all the people-hating and people-pleasing.

With each of these situations, I eventually hit a breaking point.

I was exhausted from either avoiding or controlling my life.  I was sick of being insecure, judgemental, dependent, fearful, and weak-willed.

I was tired of who I was living my life as.

Deep down I knew that I was the only one trapping myself, and I wanted OUT.

I wanted to DO things, regardless of “the norm”.  I wanted to be strong and keen enough to navigate the dangerous, uncharted lands towards my biggest dreams.  I wanted to feel energized, empowered, free, and purposeful. 

Above all: I wanted to experience life as the fullest expression of myself.

And I definitely wasn’t getting any closer by doing things the old way.

So I let go of waiting on the world to change.

And I began working on becoming the kind of person I knew I was meant to be.

What I discovered was that as soon as I allowed myself to change, everything else began to shift.

I started seeing all the amazing possibilities. 

I began exploring new untapped sides of myself.  

And once I did: I no longer wanted shitty food, I stopped throwing money away, I stopped hating and worrying, and craving drunken stupors every night…

And above all:  I was making drastic change by being bolder and truer to myself than ever.

My entire life drastically changed, once I became who I mosted wanted to be


I have so much further to go, but I honestly can say that I love where I am in my life, and I love who I am continually evolving into.

let me show you how to do the same


More info coming soon… ❤